Daily Devotion

Commemorating Ethelburga, Abbess of Barking, 675, and James the Deacon, companion of Paulinus, 7th century

James Deacon, Companion of Paulinus

Ecclesiasticus 7:27-36

27 Honor your father with all your heart, and don’t forget your mother’s labor pains. 28 Remember that you were born because of your parents. How will you pay them back for what they have done for you? 29 Revere the Lord with your whole being, and honor his priests. 30 With all your might love the one who made you, and don’t neglect his ministers. 31 Fear the Lord and honor the priest. Give the priest his portion, just as you were commanded: early produce, a sin offering, the gift of the shoulders, the dedicatory offering, and the early produce from the holy things. 32 Extend your hand to the poor so that your blessing may be complete. 33 The kindness of a gift stands before all who are alive; moreover, don’t withhold kindness from the dead. 34 Walk beside those who weep, and mourn with those who mourn. 35 Don’t hesitate to visit the sick, because you will be loved on account of these acts. 36 In all of your words, remember your end, and you will never sin.

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