Monday Walking Trail

Physical exercise is important for one´s health and one of my favorite physical activities is walking. I walk a minimum of 100 kilometers a week and how do I manage that? To remain consistent in a busy world is difficult but I am happy that for a year I have maintained the same rhythm. Today I will share with you the first important step in maintaining consistency.

The first important step in maintaining consistency is having a written timetable that one has to religiously follow it. That timetable functions as your bible or daily office. The timetable should be realistic and should be set at the minimum throttle to avoid fatigue and giving up. For example, for me, my minimum throttle is 70km per week but I have gone beyond that when for almost a year. This means that if I fail to reach 100 km I don’t get disappointed as long as I have surpassed 70km. That helps keep me going. This means that I am flexible even on a busy week when I had little time for physical activity. On Monday, I will share with you the second step.

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