Daily Devotion

Text:  Jude 1:5Now I desire to remind you, though you are fully informed, that the Lord, who once for all saved a people out of the land of Egypt, afterwards destroyed those who did not believe.  

In today´s verse, Jude is conscious that what he is writing to the people is not something new. This is the story they heard for centuries but people often forget and distance themselves from past narratives hence the need to be reminded. He draws people´s memory to what had happened at Kadesh Barnea when people rebelled against God. They were all destroyed and failed to enter the Promised Land. This is the same God who delivered them from slavery and when they rebelled against Him, He could not spare them. Jude is reminding his audience that the same things that happened at Kadesh Barnea can also happen to them if they rebelled against God who delivered them from the bondage of sin at Calvary

Disobeying God has some consequences and he is the same God who said to Saul i desire obedience than sacrifice. Two takeaways for today are: 1. Obedience to God´s law is our primary duty before God. 2. Failure to obey God´s law is detrimental to our salvation.

The Revd Canon Dr I. S. Gusha
Ss Philip and James Anglican Church
Palma de Mallorca.

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