Exploring Children’s Talents

One of the important things for parents is investing in identifying and developing their children’s talents. Gone were the days when parents would impose their career aspirations on their children. I grew up in a context where my parents would impose an academic interest on me against some of my dreams. Fortunately, we strove in academics as per their wish. We also need to understand that our parents grew up in a world of limited career opportunities. Today’s world is flooded with many career opportunities and what is important is to help our children to excel in areas of their passion.

How do we help our children to identify their passion? Here are some of the tips to fellow parents
  1. Do not impose your failed dream on your children. That was your dream, not theirs. If you still have that dream, pursue it by yourself. It’s never too late but doesn’t try to achieve it through your children.
  2. Helping your children to dream is an investment. You need to invest in the following ways;
  3. Time- take time to have conversations with your children and listen to their passion. Their passion will come out in their daily repeated stories.
  4. Resources- commit resources to expose your children to different environments. Take them to sporting events. Travel with them to places. Pay for them to attend summer camps for different activities. They will be guided by professionals to realize their full potential.
  5. Lastly, do not bottle your child’s dream. Encourage your child to dream big and give necessary help.

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