Daily Devotion

Psalm 2:1

Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?

Psalm 2 opens with a rhetorical question and the psalmist seems to be genuinely concerned with the behaviour of the nations. Why would the nations conspire and people plot in vain? The verse does not tell us what nations are conspiring to do or what people are plotting in vain. Probably we will get the answer in verse 2 tomorrow. However, from the concerns of the psalmist it appears that they are conspiring to do something which is ridiculous. It is however the sad part of humanity that they conspire to do things that are ridiculous and the end is normally catastrophic.

Two take ways for today are: 1. We should always pray for our leaders that they won’t conspire to do things that are detrimental to the lives of their subjects. 2. We should be mindful against being in the company of those who plot evil against others

The Revd Canon Dr I. S. Gusha
Ss Philip and James Anglican Church
Palma de Mallorca.

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