Reflection on the Trip to Madrid

Traveling and seeing new places is one of my passions but these days I no longer enjoy long flights. A one-hour trip to Madrid from Palma is a perfect trip for me. The Diocese in Europe organized the chrism eucharist service for priests in Spain and Portugal on the 11th of April. This was during the Holy Week and chrism mass is an important service not to be missed by a priest unless there is a compelling reason. However, the bishop organized a fellowship dinner for priests the night before the service. So, on the 10th of April, I found myself on Air Europa traveling to Madrid for the first time. Let me share with you my experiences with the trip.

Beautiful Landing at Adolf Suarez International Airport
  1. Adolf Suarez International Airport

This is one of the most popular airports, especially with its publicity by the National Geographical Channel on its tight security in dealing with drug smuggling. So I was looking forward to seeing this beautiful airport. It is a huge airport but easy to manouver because of its main entrances to boarding gates. For example, on my return trip to Palma I arrived at the airport thirty minutes before boarding time but I managed to pass through the security check points to the boarding gates within twenty minutes. The airport connects with city easily through metro train, buses and taxis.

Metro Train Station

2. City

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to tour most of the city because my visit was only one night and half of the day. However, the first impression is important in creating perception. Firstly, the city is beautiful and easy to master. I had to use a taxi from my hotel to the dinner venue which was a ten minutes drive but on my way back I had to walk back to the hotel without difficult. Second, the public transport is excellent and easily accessible. The metro train tickets are the same tickets for the buses. Third, the city is smart with clean streets and beautiful flowers. Four, the city has clean tap water. The hotel staff assured me that they was no need to buy mineral water because tap water is clean and safe for drinking. Five, there is a lively night life which makes it easy to walk in the packed streets at night. Around 1am some resturants were still packed with people having dinner. Six, communication is easy even for someone who does not speak Spanish as many people can speak english.

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