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I have been following our country´s politics in the past few months and I am surprised to see how MDC Alliance have been rejuvenated following the victory by the opposition party in Zambia. The Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana has become a household movement that I think is giving sleepless nighst to other political parties. Let me take a moment to reflect on this movement.

nelson chamisa🇿🇼 on Twitter: "I'm so humbled and excited to have received  a call and personally congratulated my brother and President-elect HE  @HHichilema.Join me to congratulate the people of Zambia🇿🇲who continue to
  1. The Victory of the Opposition party as the source of Hope

The win by the opposition party in the last month´s elections in Zambia has rekindled hope among opposition supporters in Zimbabwe especailly those of MDC Alliance. The past few years have seen concerted efforts by both the Ruling party (ZANU PF) and other opposition parties to destroy the MDC Alliance. It is against this run off play that all of a sudden the MDC Alliance is rejuvenated. The win by the opposition party send some warning signals that have distabilized the ruling party.

Window for negotiations closing fast, Nelson Chamisa to tell nation

2. Enchroaching ZANU PF´s power wells

The most worying fact for ZANU PF should be that the movement has penetrated the traditional ZANU PF power wells-the rural areas. ZANU PF has been a rural party for many years and this has been their power plug into office. However, as they were attempting to attract the urban voters by doing certain infrastructural programs, they are now releazing that all of a sudden their power reservoir has been invaded. This happening at a pace they cannot manage before 2023. This has been the lacking thread in the opposition party since the victory by Tsvangirai in 2008. The only to win elections in Zimbabwe is to penetrate the rural vote.

The MDC Alliance Logo that shall be... - MDC - Alliance 2018 | Facebook

3. Signs of Pannicking

The movement has send some warning shots that have send the ruling party into panic. All of a sudden, there is a growing discussion of postponning elections and with Covid 19 being used as a scapegoat. The Zimbabwe Council of Churches proposed an election sabbath some few years ago and the proposal was shot down. Now the very idea they refused to accept is now pushed forward and this is a clear signal of pannic. On the other side the other opposition party is now threatening boycotting elections under the guise of unimplemented electoral reforms. This is the same party was oozing with confidence of winning elections in the past months, were there not aware of the needed electoral reforms? As a sign of panic, the rural party has already started resorting to violence in defence of their stronghold areas.

4. Political Persecution as seed for rebranding

History has always proved that persecutions in politics is a catalyst for rebranding. As ZANU PF bigwigs were about to celebrate the nosediving of MDC Alliance, tides have changed against them. The seemingly nosediving plane is now ascending with great acceleration. All the resources that have been committed in the project of eliminating dissenting voices have been a worst.

Tendai Biti on Regional Security Dynamics in Africa - YouTube

5. No one has ever suceeded in fighting Change

The truth of the matter is that no one can successfully fight change. One can only delay it but change will ultimately triumph. ZANU PF has fought against change since late 90s but the project is seeming to be nosediving. The change has been unfolding and resurfacing in different shapes and sizes instead of dying. The wise thing is to find ways of embarcing and accepting change rather than fighting it. Let us not waste the country´s resources and people´s precious lives by trying to stop change.

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