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The Encounter between Christianity and African Traditional Religion (ATR) in Africa. A Case Study of Marriage Rituals and Liturgies

Edited by Masiiwa R. Gunda/Ishanesu S. Gusha/Tapiwa H. Gusha 

The studies on the relationship between Christianity and African Traditional Religion have attracted a lot of interest in academia. The relationship between the two have been like a double-edged sword with some areas complimenting while others disagreeing. Comparative studies have been done in this area with special focus in the topics related to rites of passage and funeral rituals. However, another area that needs attention in comparative studies is on marriage rituals. There are many questions that arise when it comes to marriage and some of the questions are: 

  1. At what point is a couple declared married, after church wedding or paying of bride prize (lobola)?
  2. Should the church regard union of couples living under traditional marriage without Christian marriage sinful?
  3. Is polygamy sinful?

These are some of the issues that this volume seeks to address in an attempt to provide guide for African pastors/priests and scholars. The book seeks to proffer practical solutions to the negative interface between these two religions in view of marriage rituals. Therefore, we are calling for chapter contributions from both African Traditional Religion(s) ATR(s) and Christianity practitioners as well as academics in the following thematic areas: . 

  1. New Testament and Marriage
  2. Old Testament and Marriage
  3. ATR and Marriage
  4. Church, Marriage and Family
  5. ATR, Marriage and Family
  6. Polygamy, Small Houses and Marriage
  7. Church, Marriage Counselling and ATR
  8. State Marriage Laws and Church
  9. State Marriage Laws and ATR
  10. Marriage Education in ATR
  11. Marriage Education in Church
  12. Lobola practices in the Bible, Church and ATR: A Comparative analysis
  13. Christianity and ATR: Multiple marriages in one marriage (3-in-1)
  14. The evolution of Marriage Practice and Laws in Zimbabwe
  15. Harmonizing marriage law, practice and blessing: Propositions
  16. A contextually relevant doctrine of marriage for church and society
  17. Countering the commercialization of lobola for sustainable and happy marriages


Word Count

A total of 5000 words, including references/bibliography

Expected Timelines

Submission of proposed Topics and Abstracts: 30 November 2021

Feedback on the Acceptance of topics and abstracts: 15 December 2021

Complete Essay handed in to: : by15 March 2022

Completed Essay send to the Peer Reviewers: 31March 2022

Returning of the peer reviewed essays to the authors for corrections:30 April 2022

Submission of Completed Manuscripts to the publishers: 15 July 2022

Please note that you will be expected to peer review one essay from your colleagues

Referencing Style

Harvard (in text), e.g., (Gunda 2019: 30).

Chitando, Ezra. (2019). Ed. Religion and Development in Africa. Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press.

Gunda, Masiiwa R. (2019). “The Bible and Development.” In Chitando, Ezra (ed) Religion and Development in Africa. Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press.

Anticipated Publisher (flexible, the full manuscript will serve as a guide)

Palgrave Macmillan New York

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