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Pastoral Care during Times of Pandemics: A Resource Book for Ministers of Religion’.

Edited by Ishanesu Gusha and Noah Pashapa

Background and Context

Pandemics disruptively impactand complicate peoples’ lives in all dimensions of individual and societal growth and development i.e. (i) moral and spiritual, (ii) marriage and family, (iii) work and money (iv) health and fitness (v) vocation and service (vi) education and expertise (vii) cultural and social. Religious pastoral care prioritizes providing humanitarian-care, spiritual-care, psycho-social counselling and  life-successconsultancy and coaching services that enlighten and empower people to maximally grow and develop intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually (Luke 2:52). The disruptions and complications in peoples’ lives that are off-set by pandemics occasionnew needs and challenges that people face which necessitatethat religious pastoral care service providers reset their personal values and re-imagine pastoral-care theologies, models and practices in order for them to fit most correspondingly with the new needs and challenges at hand. This book project aims to contribute to this process.

Chapters (15)

#Prospective authors may propose chapter titles along the proposed topics, within the broad subject of ‘Pastoral Care during Times of Pandemics: A Resource Book for Ministers of Religion’.

Proposed Topics (and writers) for Book on pastoral care and Pandemics

  1. Pastoral Care to the prison inmates during the times of the pandemic.
  2. Pastoral Care to the sick and the pandemics
  3. Pastoral Care and technology during the pandemics.
  4. Pastoral Care to the traumatized families during the pandemics.
  5. Pastoral Care and Curriculum revision for seminaries in relation pandemics.
  6. Pastoral Care, Theology, Preaching and pandemics.
  7. Pastoral Care to the Frontline workers in the times of Pandemics.   
  8. Pastoral Care for the Bereaved during pandemics.
  9. Pastoral Care, Leadership-style and pandemics.
  10. Pastoral Care Service Providers, Financial-Support and pandemics.
  11. Pastoral Care Service Providers, staying-power and pandemics.
  12. Pastoral Care for security forces during pandemics.
  13. Pastoral Care for Unchurched communities during pandemics.
  14. Pastoral Care, pandemics and the poor.
  15.  Pastoral Care, pandemics and ecumenism.
  16. Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy and pandemics.
  17. Pastoral Care for business persons during pandemics
  18. Pastoral Care for Politicians during pandemics.

Prospective Publisher

Yet to be advised

Word Count

3 000 words, including bibliography

Referencing style

In-text (e.g., Shoko 1996: 107), with the full bibliography at the end

Time Lines

Submission of topics and abstract with not more than 150 words: 15 October 2021

Feedback on Acceptance of Abstracts: 15 November 2021

Submission of Completed Papers: 15 February 2022

Submission of Papers to Peer Reviewers: 20 February 2022

Returning of Papers to Authors for attending to peer reviewing Comments: 20/04/2022

Submission of the Completed Manuscripts to Publishers:31 May 2022

Please note that you will be expected to do a peer reviewing of one chapter.

Sample bibliography style

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