Proteting Marine Life

Porto Pi Sea Coast-Palma de Mallorca

Our water bodies are important and they need our protection and care. Recently as i was taking walk along the Port of Palma sea coast to the end of Porto Pi sea coast I was worried about the liter that is thrown on the sea coast. Just after the military zone there is a specular view of the sea and the place is a common overnight parking for caravan travellers. It is a nice site for relaxing and for early morning meditation. The city authorities looks after the place very well and it has some bins to throw liter which are emptied on daily basis. However, the troubling issue is the accumulation of liter, water cans and some bottles on the sea coast. This means that they are people who are deliberately throwing their liter everywhere without putting in the available bins. This is sheer irresponsibility on the part of those responsible for polluting the area. Such poluttion posses serious threats to the marine life. When we talk of marine life, we are referring to plants, animals and organisms that survives on salty water. Marine life constitutes over 20% of the neeeded animal proteins for about three billion people. If we lose all the fish in our seas we are suffer defiency in proteins and this is a serious health hazard. Oceans and seas are important hence we need to protect them. For example, it is estimated that half of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans and seas. They are also important for the world’s economy; that is in terms of transport, recreation and medicine ingredients. Climate wise they help to transport heat to the north and south pole and suppply most of the water that evaporates into the atmosphere to form clouds. Therefore, we need to join hands in protecting our water bodies. STOP throwing liter everywhere and be the ambassador of our beloved water bodies. Together we use our water bodies sustainably.

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